Under A Storm-Swept Sky

April 16, 2018

Amelia Benson, Not A Hiker, is hiking the eighty-mile Skye Trail in Scotland. The steep mountains and scary cliffs won’t stop her. Neither will the brooding Scottish guide she butts heads with every step of the way. She will finish even if it kills her. She has to.

Rory Sutherland knows Skye’s rough terrain and unpredictable weather can be treacherous, no matter how experienced the hiker. Stubborn, clearly inexperienced Amelia doesn’t belong on this trail, no matter how determined she is. No matter how much he can’t stop thinking about her.

When an injury threatens to sideline Amelia, and he learns why she’s so determined, Rory agrees to help her finish. Alone together on the trail, Amelia and Rory grow closer, helping each other face obstacles both physical and emotional as their reluctant friendship becomes something more. As the end of the trail—and their time together—looms before them, Amelia and Rory must face the most challenging obstacle yet.