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Under A Storm-Swept Sky

An eighty-mile trek across the rugged, stunning beauty of Scotland’s Isle of Skye isn't something I imagined myself doing. Ever. This isn't a trail for beginners. And I'm not a hiker. 

But I have to finish it, even if it kills me. I have no choice.

With the ever-changing weather and relentless terrain, I’m in over my head.

Rory Sutherland, my guide on this adventure, is not happy. We clash with every mile, but we recognize a shared pain. Not only is the journey a struggle, but the tension between us is taut with unsaid words. And hope.

He’s broken. I’m damaged. Together, we’re about to make the perfect storm.

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Praise for Under A Storm-Swept Sky:

“Beth Anne Miller hits it out of the park with Under a Storm-Swept Sky. Beautifully evocative and romantic, you feel as if you are right there with Rory and Amelia as they hike the treacherous countryside of Skye on a journey of discovery and love.”- Monica McCarty, New York Times bestselling author

"With a breathtaking setting and riveting romantic tension, Miller's latest is a surefire hit. It's impossible not to get swept away with this heart-pounding read. UNDER A STAR-SWEPT SKY's broody Scottish hero, whirlwind travel romance, and gorgeous writing will captivate you!"- Kelly Siskind, author of Stud

“I love books that transport me to a completely unfamiliar setting and through the writer’s skill alone, make the experience so real that it’s as if I’d traveled there myself. Under a Storm-Swept Sky is exactly this, plus an irresistible romance and a modern day journey of self-discovery on Scotland’s rugged, windswept Isle of Skye.”- Megan Westfield, Author of Leaving Everest